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04.21.11 Arizona Deal Intelligence - March 2011


This report is prepared as a courtesy to the Arizona business community by Columbia West Capital, LLC based on our research and information collected by our firm. Despite our dedicated efforts, occasionally a deal might be missed or appropriate credit not given to legal or financial advisors. Please feel free to contact us if you have information on a transaction that you want to assure is included and credit attributed to appropriate advisors. Also, feel free to forward to others who may have interest; they can be added to the regular distribution by contacting our office. Our contact information is below.     

M&A - Strategic

3/2/2011 Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. acquired Lighting Sciences Inc.  Lighting Sciences provides test equipment, photometric testing services, and advisory services in support of solid state lighting market and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.        

3/9/2011 Syntellect Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CosmoCom, Inc. from Technology Crossover Ventures and other investors for $20.0 million.  Syntellect provides enterprise contact center solutions and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.     

3/11/2011 The Hillman Group, Inc. entered into a purchase agreement to acquire TagWorks, L.L.C. for $52.5 million plus earn out.  TagWorks manufactures and supplies metal identification tags for pets and machines for marking pet identification tags, and is based in Tempe, Arizona.    

3/30/2011 EGPI Firecreek Inc. (OTCBB: EFIR) offered to acquire Caddo International, Inc.  EGPI Firecreek provides oil and gas production services and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.    

3/31/2011 RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NasdaqCM: RXII) signed a definitive merger agreement to acquire Apthera, Inc. for $7.2 million.  Apthera, a biotechnology company, develops and produces peptide-based cancer immunotherapy solutions and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.        

M&A - Financial 

3/28/2011 Warburg Pincus LLC entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Rural/Metro Corp. (NasdaqCM: RURL) for approximately $440.0 million.  Rural/Metro provides medical ambulance response services and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.     

Private Placements   

3/7/2011 Revolucion World Wide, LLC announced that it will raise $11.0 million in a round of funding.  Revolucion World Wide markets nutritional supplements in the form of shakes, juices and snacks, and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.     

3/10/2011 Crystal IT, Inc. announced that it expects to receive funding from Global Security Capital Group, LLC.  Crystal IT provides computer security solutions and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.     

3/16/2011 UShealthrecord, Inc. announced that it will raise $5.0 million of equity funding.  The company has already raised $0.3 million.  UShealthrecord provides a technology platform for web-based storage of personal health records and is based in Fayetteville, Arizona.     

3/16/2011 Yulex Corporation announced that it has raised $15.0 million in funding led by investor Argonaut Private Equity.  Yulex develops and commercializes guayule-based natural rubber emulsions for a range of markets and applications and is based in Maricopa, Arizona.       

3/18/2011 SynCardia Systems, Inc. announced that it will raise $8.0 million.  As of March 28, 2011, the company raised $5.0 million.  SynCardia manufactures cardiac replacement with a total artificial heart as a bridge to transplantation and is based in Tucson, Arizona.       

3/29/2011 American Standard Energy Corp. (OTCBB:   ASEN) announced a private placement of $21.3 million.  American Standard engages in the exploration and production of oil and gas properties, and is based in Tempe, Arizona.       

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