Columbia West Capital - Transaction Case Study
Strategic Advisory and Valuation for MedAire, Inc.



  • MedAire, Inc. provides remote medical solutions for international airlines, business jets, commercial ships and luxury yachts and also offers medical training, medical kits, defibrillators, and other supplies.
  • Global Doctor Clinics offers pathology testing and imaging, physical assistance, medical consultancy, and pharmacy-related services throughout China, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Global Doctor Clinics proposed to acquire MedAire in September of 2005


  • Providing valuation services to the board in order to assess an appropriate valuation for the complete sale of the company.
  • Developing proper market analysis within the company’s unique business model.


  • Performed comprehensive public company and transaction comparables analysis, complicated by MedAire’s unique business model
  • Completed in-depth analysis of historical financial data.
  • Conducted numerous discussions regarding business and prospects.
  • Prepared a Discounted Cash Flow analysis. 
  • CWC evaluated effects of a hostile takeover offer on the acquiring price/share of a small, illiquid stock listed on a foreign stock exchange.
  • CWC concluded the takeover was not in the best interest of shareholders